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A team of the most creative young professionals in Oman, Spain, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. Our success depends on every employee, from back-end to the front office.

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Bouchra Danwra
Managing Director- Halim International
Joseph Faddoul
Shareholder - Halim International
Eddy Hazzam
Chief Technology Officer
Hiba Hilal Al-Touqi
Community Manager
Hassan Ambusaidi
Business Development
Bashar Noueihed
Digital Media Manager
Ahmed Al Bahlouli
Production Manager
Mazen Albukharhli
Logistic Advisor
Cherian Varghese
Financial Consultant
Ayman Hashem
Photographer & Film Director
Khanitta Saunders
Commercial Agent - Marketing
Ali Zadeh
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A career at Halim International is a truly unique experience! The diversity of our business and companies, coupled with our regional presence, offer a challenging career path for employees. Halim International's team consists of a harmonious blend of the best talents in the market, all of whom operate passionately and genuinely to serve our clients proactively and straight from the heart.