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Where There Is Light, There Is Shadow
About us

Shadow House is the full-service media Production House and International Production Facilitation base in the heart of Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman.

We possess local and international expertise in the field of audio-visual production.

We have experienced the beauty of Oman from the Strait of Hormuz to the borders of Yemen, walked the vast coast of Oman, climbed the mountains of Jabal Shams, swam in Oman’s valleys witnessing the astonishing beauty of nature, camped across the deserts and experienced ancient history in many locations.

Our Vision

At Shadow House there is a diversity of knowledge and skills when it comes to shooting in Oman.

Our Mission

To ensure all aspects of production are covered, while generating maximum value out of your budget without any compromise.

Our Promise

To operate passionately, professionally, and wholeheartedly, so your business can bloom further.

Production Services

At Shadow House we provide Logistical Support, facilitate filmmakers when they wish to conduct filming in Oman, our aim being: A stress free shoot in Oman with a guarantee of high standard of service, offering reliable crews at fair prices.

Oman Location Scouts

Our Oman location scouts know all the best places to film across Oman. It is one of our main priorities in serving you since shooting in Oman requires a local knowledge to get the best location for your shoot and your budget.

Oman Filming Permits

Obtaining Oman filming permits can be a tough process to plan and organize, the Shadow House team will handle the pressure for you in fixing all the paperwork and other legal processes.

Oman Film Crews

At Shadow House we offer you a film crew in Oman, individuals with the experience, the talent, and the professionalism, including all the roles from an AC to the Sound Recordist, to the Key Grips and Gaffers, to Unit Drivers and PAs.

Shooting Equipment

Shadow House provides camera and equipment hiring services. We work with many kit suppliers in Oman and the region, and can get anything from a Canon 5D, C300 to a Arri Alexa or RED.

The advantage we have is offering you the best equipment for your budget.

Casting in Oman

Shadow House casting producers come highly recommended and guarantee in finding you the right cast members for your shoot. We specialise in hand-picking real everyday people, while also providing models, featured artists and TV extras with unique skill sets to fit your brief.

Oman Operation

Your Shadow House crew in Oman, if you choose to work with us, comes with a complete team. A qualified and professional group to co-ordinate with you on your project and help with the smooth running of your shoot.

Logistic, Transportation, Accommodation

Boats, flights, transfers, hotels, food, local suppliers, we provide it all. Without it, you’d have no means to get to your chosen location, and no place to stay. We not only find you the best options, those that offer the best comfort and convenience for your budget, but we book it all for you too, taking away another task from your list.

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